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I took my son to dc dental on pecos and Arizona ave. he was having a hard time with his teeth and could barely sleep at night because of the pain.

So we went to dc dental. First of they wouldn't let me go in with my son. They gave him an X-ray and checked his teeth, and they informed me he needed three teeth pulled and two root canal. They had to get a pre authorization from the insurance and he was referred to an endodontist for the root canal but they said they can pull the teeth once they get the authorization.

We waited three weeks to get that and finally yesterday we went to get the procedure of getting his teeth pulled. I told them I wanted to be in there with my son and reluctantly they agreed. The dentist as he was injecting my son and my son complained it was hurting td my son he was lying and that I doesn't hurt and to stop lying and whinning. Anyone whose ever gotten the injection to your mouth know that that does hurt.

I kept my mouth shut because I wanted my son to get his teeth out so that he wouldn't be in pain anymore at night. After the injection we waited 15 minutes while the dentist did another procedure in the next room. Afterwards he came back and began the process of removing the three bad teeth on my son. Two upper molars and one bottom one.

My son was crying and saying it hurt. Once more the dentist told Him to stop lying and that it doesn't hurt , no wonder they don't want u in there this dentist had no other means of even bothering to try to comfort his patient. He was rude and did not care. He then threatened my son that if he doesn't stay still he was gonna send him elsewhere in the meanwhile my sons mouth is bleeding.

I bit my tounge through the whole process and breathed a sigh of relief when the dentist said ok all done. I thought ugh thank god and promised myself never to take any of my children there ever again. Once we were home I let my son rest knowing three teeth pulled is tiring and traumatic for a 9 yr old. After being home for 4 hours I proceeded to change he gauge in his mouth as directed by the nurse when I noticed the teeth that had been giving him issues the past few weeks is still in his mouth.

Too late to call the dentist and I will be calling my insurance to file a complaint on this office. He was calling my son a liar and in the end he lied. He got two teeth extracted but no the third one. This dentist office is a scam my son will now need surgery to get the tooth removed because the dentist had taken out the top part of his tooth and there is no way to get the tooth out.

Cause it's under the gum. The tooth and the cavity is left in his mouth even though he assured me he got all three out.

I now have to miss work to go to another dentist to fix what he should have removed in the first place, so more trauma for my son. Do not go to this dentist he is a liar and a thief charging my insurance for three extractions when clearly he had only done two.

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